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Cookbook Challenge

Join me as cook my way through 5 Disney inspired cookbooks making every recipe. The cook books are:

​1. The Official Disney Parks Cookbook

2. The Disney Princess Cookbook

3. The Disney Villains Cookbook

4. Disney: Cooking with Magic: A Century of Recipes

5. Disney Princess: Healthy Treats

Links take you to the cookbooks on Amazon but most are also available on other sites as well such as Walmart, Target, Barnes and Nobles, and some on Shop Disney. 


I am a Disney fan and adult. I am doing this for fun and not being paid or endorsed by anyone to do this. You can watch videos of my attempts of making these and my review of the recipes at 

Please note the exact recipes and details will not be shared due to copyright and respect to the author's. If interested I personally recommend purchasing these books. None of them are that expensive and they make a great addition to any cook or Disney fan's collection!

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