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Wedding Planning Tips- Flowers

Today I start a new blog series. Its going to break down various parts of the weddings and give some little tips and tricks. Things to consider when planning this particular area of your wedding. Some tips may be cost saving ideas, and some are just general things or logistics to consider that will help make your wedding day go smoothly.

I am starting with the flowers on this post. I've been watching Full Bloom on HBO Max, so flowers are on my brain these days. I realize not all couple's will use flowers, and some will use fake flowers. These tips are for those using real flowers and may be working with a florist.

Use Flowers in Season

If you are not sure what flower are in season during the time of year, do some research and ask your florist. If the flowers you desire are not in season, your florist may be able to get them from suppliers somewhere, but its never a a guarantee. Plus if they can they have to ship them from far away, it may end up costing way more than budgeted. Working with a florist to use local season flowers can save you money. Be opened minded about this as well and talk to your florist about similar flowers that may give the look you want. Please notes some flowers that may be all the rage on social media, can be expensive and rare no matter what time of year it is.

For this fall styled shoot I did, Erin Carey Florals used seasonal flowers. Photo by The Jepsons.

Consider Allergies

I only mention this because this has come up a few times at weddings through the years. Not a big issue, but something I wanted to mention. Some flowers have very strong fragrances that can act up allergies, especially in bridal bouquets. A flower may look beautiful but not be worth it if you are going to be sneezing or having watery eyes in your pictures. Just be mindful of this if you or a bridal party member suffers from sensitive sinuses.

Stunning bouquet by Woodrings; photo by Tera Nelson.

Boutonniere's and Family Corsages

When looking at boutonniere's I recommend trying to avoid flowers that are to top heavy. A few times I have gotten some with huge heavy flowers like a big rose, and they can be hard to pin on and keep straight. Speaking of pins, make sure you ask the florist to send along a few extra pins. I've noticed that most are good about that, but never hurts to ask. I always have some handy in my wedding day kit, and have used them through the years. Sometimes you get a boutonnière that needs a little extra support.

One of my all time favorite boutonniere's from Woodrings. Small flower with berries that wasn't heavy and easy to pin on. Photo from Dyanna LaMora.

For the woman you want to honor (like mom's or grandmother's) I strongly recommend a wristlet corsage as opposed to one that has to be pinned on to their outfits. The wristlets are so nice, they are just a little bracelet they can wear easily. I cannot tell you through the year's how many times we have struggled to pin a corsage on a mesh top dress, thin jacket, or whatever they were wearing. Female attire varies a lot and formal attire tends to be lighter weight, so the heavy pins don't hold up as well. Numerous times in the years, we are getting the bra strap underneath involved as well to help hold it up. Sometimes they give up and don't wear it, which ends up being a waste of flowers and money. If you only take one piece of advice from this blog post, do this one. Trust me; its so much easier!

Keep a Water Source Handy

Some flowers, hydrangea's for example, tend to wither fast when out of water. This mostly affects bouquets when carrying them around in hot weather, or if you are driving around to various locations for pictures. Make sure to have a vase with water in handy and put your bouquet in when not using it.

Another tip, have a small hand towel handy for when you take the bouquet of the vases. Water drops tend to drip off the bottom. A quick wipe to avoid the outfit getting water spots before pictures.

Close of up some hydrangea's, a flower that can wilt quickly out of water and in heat.

Bouquets During the Reception

Think ahead of time of where you want the bouquets to be during the reception. You probably want them in some sort of vase (see last point) or they end up dead pretty quickly. Some couple's will incorporate them as part of the head table decorations. Some will work the bridesmaids bouquets into the extra tables such as gift table, cake table, or dessert table. Some don't want them out at all (risk of damage) and just put someplace safe. Think about what you want ahead of time so you don't have to worry about it.

Also make sure if you want them in a vase, you have one. Some florist send the bouquets in plastic disposable cups. They don't always come in a vase for display.

Stunning flowers like these should be on display, so think of a way to use them at the reception!

Ask Florist What Needs Returned

Finally, if you are working with a florist, find out if anything needs returned to them or you get to keep it all. Typically the couple gets to keep the flower themselves. However, usually things like the vases, containers, candle holders, etc. need to go back to the florist. Some will work these into their price for you to keep, so ask ahead of time.

If the containers do need to be returned, confirm if they will pick up at the venue, or if you need to return them yourself to their store. If the vases need to go back and you want to repurpose the flowers themselves, make sure you have something to put them in. Lots of couple's will go purchase cheap vases at a place like the dollar store and use those. Some have done this and then given the flowers away to guests, or used them at a brunch the next day.

This grouping of unique vases the florist found at thrift stores and let the couple keep,

There are some of my wedding planning floral tips. Let me know your own!

One final picture from Brittany Lee and some seriously awesome bouquets from The Details Matter Florist.


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