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Peddlers Village

Published: 2/3/23

Nestled in Buck's County Pennsylvania is a little commercial village called Peddler's Village. This adorable little town has colonial styled buildings, and a beautifully landscaped garden area that feels a bit like stepping back in time; or into a Hallmark movie set. The town is a little tourist destination filled with a variety of unique shops and restaurants. They also have events occurring year-round. I was lucky enough to visit twice in 2022; once in the summer and again in December for their holiday celebration. Here are some of the things the village offers.


The number one thing to do here is to shop. There are over 60 stores to choose from and a huge variety. There are clothing stores, sports collectibles, household goods, jewelry, stuff for your pets; and the list goes on. There is a Thomas Kinkade store and gallery. There are even stores dedicated to things like hats, beef jerky, olive oil, and pajamas. One of my favorites is Cloak and Wand. This store has lots of Harry Potter type things for sale including a potions bar where you can order some delicious stuff to drink (they even have something that tastes like butterbeer). If you like to shop there are some fun and unique stores here, like this mill below is actually a store with lots of cute items for sale.

Food & Drink

There are a food and drink options scattered through out the village. There are several restaurants within the village. Cock N Bull is the flagship restaurant of the village, but I have not eaten there. I did end up eating at Buttonwood Grill on my second visit. It was a pretty good meal. Nothing that makes it a must visit in my book, but a solid choice.

When we visited in July it was low crowds, so I don't know how hard getting a table at any of the restaurants would have been. In December we were there on a Thursday and looking for food between 3:00-3:30 in the afternoon. I would not have thought a reservation would matter for that time of day; but the places were busy. Some restaurants were reservation only and we had a 30 minute wait for a table. Try to make reservations in advance if you can, especially if visiting during an event.

In the village are also drink and snack options. I saw coffee, cupcakes, ice cream, and a few others. I recommend stopping by Nissley Vineyards shop if you like wine. They had a good selection of wines, and you can even purchase slushies to take as you stroll the shops. There is a popcorn store called Clusters Handcrafted Popcorn; if you like flavored popcorn like me and my husband. Skips Candy Corner has some descent chocolates as well.


The Golden Plough Inn is a bed and breakfast style Inn located within Peddler's. I have not stayed there but noticed that room buildings are scattered throughout the village. I did consider staying there for the December trip, as I love not having to drive around. The price was more than I wanted to spend; and ended up staying at the Hampton Inn in Doylestown. The first trip we stayed in New Hope, as that town was more the focus and Peddler's was just an afternoon visit. There are lots of lodging options in the area within a reasonable drive; so just look around for what fits your needs. Also check out my blog about New Hope if you missed it.


The village hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. I've seen things on their website such as murder mystery's, food trucks, outdoor movies, comedy shows, singers, and more. They also tend to do themed things based on the time of year. I saw Scarecrows in the Village for fall as well as an apple event.

During our July visit they did Stories it the Sand. Beautiful sand castles/sculptures were on display throughout the village. Most of the sculptures were based on attractions in the area. Here are some pictures of a few of the displays.

December is very popular with their festive Grand Illumination Celebration. The village is decked out in thousands of holiday lights, decorations, and has all kinds of festivities. It was beautiful and really put me in the holiday spirit. Don't miss the gingerbread competition! The entries were on display, and there were some excellent designs. Pictures below are of the lights and some of the gingerbread houses.

When to Go

Since I was there twice, once in the summer and once in December, some may ask when I would recommend going. The summer had some nice advantages. There was low crowds so we go to explore at our own pace, which was nice for a first time visitor. Plus the weather was great for walking around outside. If you are looking for something more low key, leisurely, and nicer weather; a mid-week July trip is perfect. I loved the December visit though. I love Christmas and immensely enjoyed all the holiday lights and decorations. It also allowed me to look for some last minute holiday gifts at all their unique stores. Unless you hate holiday festivities completely, I would recommend Christmas. Its when the village really shines (ha ha!)! Just make a reservation for dinner if you visit during the holidays.

Couple more of the shops decorated for the holidays below.


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