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My Top 10 Disney World Rides & Attractions

Returning from another recent trip to the happiest place on earth. I swear this is not becoming yet another Disney blog! There is so much to do there and during the pandemic, it became a nice retreat for us. While we plan to start going other places to later this year and next, we are going to continue to visit the most magical place on earth too. So that means one or two Disney posts a year may pop in! Today's list is a list of our favorite or top 10 rides/attractions to do in Disney World (at least at the moment).

We looked at all 4 parks for this list and had to make some tough calls. There are a lot of great rides, and many underrated (Living with the Land is a personal favorite I don't think gets enough props). This top 10 list are rides that we are a must do for us when visiting. They are the ones we are either purchasing a lightening line or don't mind waiting 90+ minutes if needed. It was a tough call and the number 10 spot was a hot debate among 4 rides! It almost went to Space Mountain, Slinky Dog Dash, or Remy's Ratatouille Adventure. We weighed the pro's and con's of those rides for that number 10 spot and eventually had to say if you there was no wait time what one of them would you want to ride.... and that leads us into our countdown.

Number 10 - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Magic Kingdom

Probably not the one some may be expecting giving the other one we considered for this spot. It may not be the fastest or longest ride in the parks, but this coaster makes us smile every time. From the moment you enter the queue, the theming is very well done. You start in a forest and end up in the mine with the dwarves. The downside to this is the wait times can get pretty long; and its a individual lightning lane not included with Genie+. A tip that worked well for us, if you don't mind skipping the fireworks, go around then. We got in the line one evening about 45 minutes before the fireworks began. We ended up being on the ride while the fireworks were going off overhead and it was a magical memorable moment.

Number 9 - Big Thunder Mountain - Magic Kingdom

Sticking with roller coasters; the wildest ride in the wilderness takes the number 9 spot on our list. Your train cart takes you on a fun 3 minutes of exploring the canyons, and mines of this Frontierland attraction. There are some fun details to look for while on the attraction, but easy to miss as you zip by. Its one that we usually ride a couple of times on our visit.

Number 8 - Expedition Everest- Animal Kingdom

The only Everest you will ever see me scale is this ride in Animal Kingdom. While not as dangerous as the real Everest, it still gets my heart going in a good way a little bit each time. Am I the only one who holds their breath for a second when you come up on the dead end part of the tracks for fear it wont stop? Once I breathe a sigh of relief we aren't falling over the edge (and wonder what is up with the ponytail holders) its down the mountain backwards in the dark for a little while. Then their is the final encounter with the Yeti before you arrive back safely at base camp. Despite the perceived dangers, this adventure is tons of fun.

Number 7 - Tron - Magic Kingdom

The newest ride at Magic Kingdom, and a repeat of one from Shanghai Disneyland. The coaster is a lot of fun as you strap down like your on a motorcycle and take off to speeds of almost 60 mph in a digital race against orange. We rode twice once at day and once a night. You are outside for only a few seconds so it doesn't add to much of a difference, but that outside at night part is cooler looking than the day. Tip, ask to ride in the front row. Even if you have to wait a little longer, its worth it.

Number 6- Kilamanjoro Safari- Animal Kingdom

Our first non-coaster attraction, and I personally wanted to put this a little higher. I mean it has live animals, what's not to love? It just got bumped because it is lacking some of the adrenaline and originality the other rides have on the list. For those not familiar, you sit in a vehicle and take a nice drive through the savanna and basically go on an African safari in Orlando. Its always an awesome experience. Be warned this attraction usually closes earlier than the others in the park. On this recent trip we rope dropped this ride (meaning we went straight there when the park opened). It worked out well as the wait time was reasonable, and the animals were more active than when we have gone in the afternoon in previous visits.

Number 5 - Tower of Terror - Hollywood Studios

I have a love hate relationship with iconic attraction. First, its the only ride that still makes me nervous when we get on it. The you know your gonna drop down and hope its not to your death feel is thrilling; but as I get older it takes a little bit of a toll on the stomach. Next, the theming with the whole Twilight Zone haunted hotel is well done, but you only are inside the lobby for a few minutes. Plus not sure if the Twilight Zone resonates with younger generates. I mean the show was before my time and I barely know what it is. Unpopular opinion, I think the rebranded Guardians of the Galaxy version of this ride in Disneyland is way better. Still its a legend of an attraction and it does get my heart pumping. Sometimes good and sometimes not, really depends how I am feeling that day. That is why it earns the number 5 spot.

Number 4 - Splash Mountain- Magic Kingdom

Currently closed to be rebranded as Tiana's Bayou Adventure, Splash Mountain was(or is) my favorite ride in Magic Kingdom hands down. Ever since I was a kid, I've always had a love of those log flume rides. Especially the ones you don't get too wet from. Even though its changing from Splash Mountain, from what I understand, the track and the drop are still going to be the same. Its just the story that is changing, which is ok with me. While not my favorite Disney move, I really enjoyed The Princess and the Frog. Tiana is also in my list of top 5 Disney princesses. I have a feeling I am going to love it even more when it returns later this year.

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

Number 3- Flight of Passage - Animal Kingdom

Based on the movie Avatar, this ride simulation makes you feel like you are riding on the back of a banshee. You get strapped into the vehicle which is sort of like a bicycle. You put on your 3D glasses and wait for the show to start. The vehicle lifts you in front of a large screen that moves and sways as you fly around the land of Pandora. Their are smells, drips of water that splashes in your face, and the vehicles even breaths like an animal under you. I can see why the wait times on this ride get so long and its worth it. The queue itself is well themed also. We tend to do this one late afternoon as the wait times seems to be a little more reasonable around then, but not sure I have ever seen it less than 60 minutes on a visit.

Number 2- Rise of the Resistance - Hollywood Studios

While I have seen all of the Stars Wars movies, and enjoy half of them; I am not a super fan. The great thing about this ride is that you don't need to be to enjoy it. This ride makes you feel like you have literally stepped into the Star Wars galaxy and are part of the battle against the empire first hand. I will never forget the first time I rode this; where the doors opened, and you are facing rows of storm troopers. You really felt like you left the planet. Every time its such a wow moment.

Number 1 - Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind -EPCOT

EPCOT isn't exactly known for their rides compared to the other parks, and sadly only one from EPCOT made our list (though they still have some great rides). However, the one on our list, is our absolute favorite ride in all 4 parks. The second you enter the queue, the theming and the pre-ride story are very well done. You feel like you stepped into the Marvel world for a few minutes. The indoor dark coaster takes you in various directions (but not upside down or any inversions) as you wind through the galaxy helping the guardians of speeds at 60 mph. Don't worry this ride is super smooth, that you don't notice how fast you are going. You can also get one of six Star-Lord approved songs that play as you travel on your adventures.

The downside to this one is that it can be hard to snag those virtual queue's, as of now there is no standby line. We always buy an individual lightening lane for this one as soon as we can that morning. I recommend you do the same. We also try to get a virtual queue as its fun to ride twice. Virtual queue's happen twice a day (lots of info on internet about the virtual queue if unfamiliar). However, don't rely on those. Last time we got in on the 1:00pm virtual queue but they ended up cancelling our boarding group, so we were glad we at least had the individual lightning lane.

I am sure some people are upset as classics like Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates are not even an honorable mention. Though we enjoy those classic rides, they just don't have a great overall experience that its worth waiting long periods to ride. Disagree? No problem! Let me know your personal ranking.

*Unless noted all pictures taken by me or my husband Steve.

Published 3/2/24


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