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Styling that Dress

I recently posted on social media that 2020 would be my last year owning and running my own wedding and event planning company. While more will come later about this decision, I thought this year would be a great time to look back over the almost 100 weddings I have helped to coordinate. Throughout the year, I will be featuring some of my favorite and memorable things I have seen at weddings. I figured I would start with the bridal gown.

First, I want to say to any of my past clients reading this, please don't feel offended if you dress is not featured. I can say that I thought every one of my brides looked amazing on their wedding day. Some of my brides picked a dress to compliment their style and venue. Some decided to change up their look for something unexpected. I think each of them rocked it in their own way, so this was a hard list. It would be easy to feature them all, but then we would be talking close to a 100 dresses. Please check back for other favorites throughout the year! Here we go in no particular order:

If you have ever watched the show Say Yes to the Dress, you will know that designer Pnina Tornai is regularly featured on this show. She has this great way of creating gowns that are beautiful with a touch of romance and edge. Their is always something very fashion forward in her designs, yet a touch of the sexy to make any woman look like a bombshell. This dress I recently featured on my Memorable Moments of 2019 blog post, and it needs mentioned here again. Mallory killed it in this Pnina gown! Photo by Kimberly Wright.

It's 2020, so I have been seeing a lot of throw back in style and reference to the 1920's. Styles that embrace the sort of flapper area. I like this because it also makes me think of one of my favorite television shows, Downton Abbey. When I saw Jenna in her wedding dress, all I could think was Lady Crawley. The beads and the detail work had that 20' flair but with a modern touch. Photo by Danielle Lightner.

One designer I have personally always been drawn to is Lazaro. There is just something about his designs that appeal to my personal style. Though I didn't get to wear one of his designs when I got married, bride Susan did and this dress was so her. It was over the top and made a statement; just like her! Photo by Liz and Ryan.

Meredith dress makes this list as I am sort of jealous I never saw this dress myself when searching for my own wedding dress. I love the fitted top with the lace and how the bottom poofs out but isn't this big ball gown bottom that you can't move. The more cream color goes perfect with her skin tone. It was a perfect style for her garden ceremony at the Arboretum followed by a reception at General Potter Farm. Elegant and stylish with just a touch of the country. I also adore the purple flowers in this picture from J&A Photo.

Not every culture does the white wedding gown and love a bride not afraid of some color. Both of Madhu's ceremony and reception attire were stunning. I definitely preferred the blue reception saree .I secretly want it for myself but I wouldn't look half as good as her; and probably would look strange in public wearing it. Either way both of her outfits deserved a spot on my list. Side by side below (with the groom in one) of two images I captured that day.

Speaking of reception dresses, I have to give a shout out to Marissa's reception gown on this list. Her gold sparkle dress fit her like a glove. Even though her ceremony dress was also beautiful; her reception dress made her look like a celebrity on the red carpet.

Bride Kacy had the most perfect vintage wedding. She didn't miss a single detail and her dress reflected her style and setting. It was all lace, fitted to her frame, with a nice flair to the bottom. Her groom that day was clearly blown away, as I think most of the guests. Plus this picture from Dyanna LaMora (formly Dyanna Joy) is probably one of my favorite bridal portraits through the years.

Boho is not really my personal style, but Jessie's wedding dress had me convinced to give it another try. The flowy material, the three-quarters sleeves, the lace details, and cinched tied waist; fit her perfectly. Not to mention she wore a flower crown and walked down the aisle barefoot. Photo from Charlie Juliet.

Paige's dress was a unique combination of materials. A mermaid lace fitted top with a soft a slightly poofy bottom. It had a cut out back that gave it just a touch of sexy while maintaining the overall romantic vintage vibe of her wedding. Photo below by Amanda Nichols Photography.

Those that know me well, know that pink is not one of my favorite colors. If someone is having a baby girl, I refused to purchase pink attire. When blush pink came onto the wedding scene, I rolled with it and have learned to really come to admire how well that color can be used; even in a wedding dress. Valerie's gown was a blush pink was a beautiful dress I even would have considered trying on if the trend would have been around when I got married. Photo by Kimberly Wright.

I thought Nina looked like a woodland nymph on her wedding day. It wasn't just the beautiful and colorful flower crown she wore. The flower lace pattern on the dress looked like something made by fairies.

The detail on Alanna's dress below is what made this one so memorable. It is layer on top of layer of well designed bead-work and lace that somehow you think wouldn't make sense, but it does. The fit was perfect and looked great on her! The picture is just of the dress as its the best shot of the various details that went into this stunning gown.

Finally, I want to end with a dress I consider a classic, never goes out of style. Janelle's dress made this list because it just had that sort of appeal. It wasn't simple but it wasn't over the top either. There was no extra bling and no lace. It was just a white dress with the perfect length train. The hits of ruching gave it a modern edge but still managed to be timeless. Photo by Ray Kauffman Photography.

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