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Top Wedding Moments of 2019

Hard to believe that 2019 is coming down and another year of weddings is in the books. Every wedding is special in its own way and it can be hard to narrow down the years favorite moments. I tried to keep to 12 in the theme of 12 days of Christmas, but ended up with a couple more. In no particular order; here is my list of what stuck out to me in 2019.

Rocking the Dress

Every bride should feel like a million bucks in their wedding dress. The look one goes for in their dress can be anywhere from romantic and regal, to a country star. It should show their personality and I think Mallory nailed her dress. I may have accidentally dropped the F-bomb when I saw her in her Pnina Tornai dress, as she killed it and looked fantastic!

Staying Cool

There always seems to be that one wedding every year where the temperature creeps up towards the triple digits and then there is the wonderful Pennsylvania summer humidity to add to it. Val and Bob had their outdoor ceremony on that day this year. I was nervous as the bride said she doesn't do well in extreme heat. However, they didn't let the heat bother them and still had beautiful ceremony at the Arboretum at Penn State, while maintaining their fun and upbeat personalities. A bonus, no one passed out!

Custom Cookie Favors

Cookies make an appearance at a lot of weddings these days; thank you Pittsburgh cookie table. However, I love when someone ads a personal touch. Emma and Peter who traveled from Seattle, knew their beloved fur child could not be there on the big day. Instead they found a baker who was able to create cookies with a picture of their dog Juno on it. They were beautiful and delicious!

Wedding with a View

Location, location, location. It can be just as true in the wedding world, as it is in the world of real estate. A great setting for your ceremony can go a long way in create a memorable experience. I had two that stuck out this year First, Whitney and Anthony were married on beautiful spring day on family property but luckily it was up on a hill with a stunning and dramatic view of the valley below. Not to mention it was early May when everything was starting to bloom with touches of white, pink and yellow mixed into the view. You can catch a glimpse of it in this picture below.

Photo from Alyssa & Travis.


I love these green plants, even though I still manage to kill any I take home with my black thumb. These centerpieces Rachel put together for her guests were unique and worked well at her venue, Rolling Rails Lodge.

Going Out with a Bang!

Having pizza and soft pretzels delivered for your guest at the end of the night, was memorable enough. However, Anthony and Whitney didn't stop there. They surprised their guests with not only a sparkler exist but a custom fireworks show. Sorry, I was too busy watching the fireworks to get a good picture, but here are the sparklers!

Photos from Alyssa & Travis.

Surprise Visitor

When you want to surprise your guests at a Penn State themed wedding, you call in the big guns! I know that someone somewhere is going to see this and be mad. Wondering how someone got the Nittany Lion to come to a wedding, as we couldn't in the past. Simple the bride is good friends with this particular Lion out of the Hershey campus, and she used to go with him to visit the kids in the hospital. Still a memorable fan moment for all those involved, including me!

Fairy Goddess In Philly

I was super excited this year to travel out of my comfort zone and do a wedding in Philadelphia. I love so much about this celebration. I was also blown away by how much like fairy princess Emma looked. Her look fit perfectly in the outdoor setting of Bartram's Garden. I have has liked fairies and was obsessed with them in my youth, so this felt like seeing pages of a story book come to life. Step aside Titania, you have some competition!

Fruit Madness/Life is Peachy

I had two couple's this year decide to work fruit into their decor and I hope this trend continues. Emma and Peter had figs and pears worked into their centerpieces. Then there was Rose who used peaches (a fruit I love the color and to eat). Some were in her table centerpieces, some were in a bowl. It worked well with her color scheme and style. Not to mention they were delicious!

Penn State Always

Living in Happy Valley, ,Penn State weddings are not that uncommon. However, what Jonelle and Zach did sets a new bar. These two do more than bleed blue and white, they are ambassadors. They named the tables after local bars (complete with the wooden sign), had place cards that looked like game tickets, the men wore PSU socks, the cake was decked out with the Lion, and even guests were encouraged to bring their Penn State jersey. Everything about this made it a tailgate to remember.

Re-inventing the Familiar

I have done a lot of weddings at General Potter Farm. I absolutely love this venue, the owner, and doing weddings there. Each wedding done there has its own spin. This past year, Kim and Dan, really transformed the place. First they select a different location than typical for the ceremony. First time it was done there and the forest back drop was a huge hit.

Next, they transformed the whole space into what felt like the French Countryside. The flower work from Daniel Vaughn Designs was stunning on the combination of wooden and round tables. The food and music was great, making this a memorable event!

Blue Band Welcome

One last Penn State moment this year, was at Mallory and Jon's wedding. They hired a few members of the blue band to play as they were welcomed into the reception.

Hindu Wedding

I had my first Hindu wedding celebration this year. I was super excited to celebrate with this awesome duo and see the marriage ritual in person. The clothes were gorgeous, the henna art, some of the best Indian food I've ever had, and the whole atmosphere fun and exciting. An event I'll never forget!

Books and Color

Maeve and Kevin decided to add some vintage books into their decor. I loved their teal and dark red color scheme that fit their woods inspired wedding. Their unique color choices and decor choices designed by The JDK Group, really was a showstopper.

Love and My Clients

Last but not least, is love itself. Every wedding this year had these moments, where I could see the love and joy they couple shared. Whether it was during the ceremony, the first dance, or a brief moment between events; its a moment where all the craziness is worth it. Love is always worth celebrating and I am so honored by those who choose to let me celebrate it with them. I've said it before and will say it again, I get the best couples to work with. This year was no exception, so here is a picture of each my 2019 couples. A big, "THANK YOU!" to all of them for allowing me to be part of their days! All of you had some many wonderful moments that I could have kept listing on this post. Best wishes to you all in 2020!

Photo from Alyssa & Travis.

I took this photo with my iphone, I am obsessed with this this dress!

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