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Favorite 2017 Wedding Moments

2017 was a whirlwind of excitement and changes for my wedding planning company, H&K Weddings and Events. My business partner Kacy, decided to step away after finishing up a few previous booked weddings; so half of my weddings were without her by my side. In light of this changed, I worked on freshening up the business with a new logo, website, and re-structured how I sell my services. I also started this blog! Then their were the events and weddings themselves. I saw dogs in weddings (more than once), fireworks, tears of joy, stunning dresses, blooming flowers, heard beautiful vows, and laughed more times than I can count. Here are some of those favorite moments from this past year. Some are details or ideas I loved, and some are just beautiful moments in time captured by forever in film.

This handsome couple not only had their dog as the ring bearer, but ended the night with a bang. Two photos from Jason Bafile Photography.

One couple had a cigar rolling station was a big hit for the guests and a unique favor and experience for the guests.

Purple is my favorite color and loved how beautiful this room at Toftrees Resort came together. I love the up-lighting and monogram from Nittany Entertainment, the flowers from Woodrings and the beautiful touches the mother of this bride tirelessly put together.

This look of laughter and joy captured by J&A Photography as our bride looks at her groom during the toasts.

I adoared this bride's dress and the picture of her in the garden with the purple flowers was another winner by J&A Photo.

Chalkboard signs have been popular for a few years, but was excited to see some color show in some of them this year. The calligraphy done by More Than Words by Michelle.

This couple used a variety of local, in season, wild flowers. Each table was then named after a National Park that they have visited.

This bridal party crew picture is a blend of sophistication, style, with a touch of glam and is purely epic. Photo from Nick Finochio Photography.

The flowers from this wedding were some of my favorite for the year and the highlight was this sweetheart table and the flowers on the ladder. Flowers done by Woodrings and photo from Nick Finochio.

A surprise dance between a bride and her father. They started out slow then bust out the sunglasses as the music changed to something upbeat. Photo from Danielle Lightner Photography.

This fun and athletic couple also rented a basketball game from Best Event. I lost miserably to my day of assistant but it was great entertainment for all who played.

A bride treated like royalty by being pulled up to the ceremony by the groomsmen in a classic carriage rented from GHR Rental Boutique. Photo from Brittany Lee.

This photo also captured by Brittany Lee. The gazebo, the couple, and the flowers are sheer perfection in this image..

This couple added some home made and personalized touches to their big day. At each guest place setting pictured below was a homemade pumpkin with a tag for their seating card, then some homemade (and delicious) apple butter for guests to take home. Photo from Tera Nelson Photography.

This photo also from Tera Nelson capturing the bride as she is heading to the church.

A gift for this couple, they had someone come in and live paint their first dance. Photo from Elle and Arre Photography.

This arbor and flowers provided by Avant Garden on this was one of my favorite ceremony altars all year. The smiling bride agreed. Photo from Elle and Arre Photography.

When the men are suffering from bling envy as captured below by Jason Bafile Photo.

During the ceremony the bride realized she forgot her vows on the trolley. Myself and a friend rushed to try and find them but by the time we did, it was too late. She handled it like a pro and ended up winging some great vows. This picture below from Jason Bafile shows their sense of humor as they laughed when they realized they were initially missing.

I love historical houses and was super thrilled to have my first wedding this year at the historic Baker Mansion in Altoona. The couple self-officiated and married themselves on the grounds in one of the most touching ceremonies this year.

This is really just a small sampling of some of the magical events I witnessed in 2017. I am truly blessed that it seems like I get some of the worlds best clients. It is sad as this year winds down to say good-bye to some of them, but excited to see what is in store for 2018!

**Pictures without credits were snapped by me and thus why they may not be the best quality.

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