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Top Ten Places I've Been

I am little bit obsessed with lists. I like naming the top ten, five or even twelve of something. This is your warning, that lists will pop up in a lot in my blog posts.

When I tell people I love to travel, the first question is usually asking me where all I have been. That made me think that for my first travel blog I would do a list of some of my favorite places (outside of Pennsylvania). I know when it come to wanderings I have been more places than most are lucky enough to visit, but still only a small percentage of the world. This list will surely evolve over the years; but here is where I stand as of today. Plan to come back often for more in depth posts of some of these destinations.

10. Maine

There is something about this state that draws one in. As you explore the rugged coastline, you are memorized by the view of waves crashing against giant rocks within a forest setting. A state filled with quaint towns that seem like something out of a Hallmark movie. It becomes easy to see quickly why this state is nicknamed Vactionland.

Photo of Pemaquid Lighthouse taken by me.

9. New York City

Numerous movies and tv shows take place there. Singers like Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z, and the Beastie Boys have sung about it. There are the dazzling tall skyscrapers, the museums, Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Times Square, and endless options when it comes to food and shopping. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the Big Apple and see why it's the most populous city in our country.

Stock photo from Pixabay.

8. St. Martin/St. Maarten

The island is split into two, half Dutch and half French; yet this place seems to have a spirit of its own. The blend of the two places in the tropical setting of the Caribbean comes together for a unique experience.The island also boasts white sand beaches and some of the bluest water I have ever seen.

Photo taken by me.

7. Las Vegas

Bright lights, a variety of shows, shopping at any store you can imagine, and constant entertainment. Sin City overwhelms the senses and isn’t just for those who like to gamble. The shows are my favorite part of the Vegas experience, and a Cirque du Soliel show is worth the splurge. Don’t forget to get off the strip to see what else is in the area. The Neon Museum is worth a visit and a drive out to Hoover Dam is a must.

Photo taken by me on trip to Vegas from Eiffel Tower.

6. Boston

Explore America’s history along the Freedom Trail, sample a beer at the Sam Adam’s Brewery, or cheer on the Red Sox’s from on top of the green monster; these are just a few things Beantown has to offer. It’s a city to walk around and explore the combines the history of our country with its own modern flair.

Stock photo from Wix.

5. St. Barts Island

It is easy to see why celebrities flock to this island. It is the idyllic, quaint, Caribbean retreat. Though my husband and I did not stay on this island, we took a day trip from nearby St. Martin. Mostly French with a touch of American influence, this place is easy to get lost. Stop by a roadside cafe and grab lunch while the locals speak fluently both languages; trust me you will never want to leave.

Stock photo from internet.

4. London

Big Ben, London Tower, the Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, The Globe Theatre, and Buckingham Place; these are just a few in the massive list of places to visit in this world famous city. You can spend the morning seeing where Anne Boleyn was held in her final days. Spend your afternoon enjoying the views from the London Eye or taking in some culture at one of its many museums. Then spend your night with a pint at a pub helping locals cheer on their favorite team. Plus the cool British accent is just the icing on the cake.

Photo of Tower Bridge taken by me.

3. Highlands of Scotland

Scotland boasts rolling green hills that put our mountains in Pennsylvania to shame, friendly people with a proud heritage, plus mix in some castles and kilts; and you got the magic that is Scotland. Though the old city of Edinburgh offers so much; the highlands are where this country really shines.

Stock photo free from Pixabay.

2. Big Island of Hawaii

Volcanoes, tropical forests, black sand beaches, and even snow capped mountains; Hawaii’s biggest island always gives you something to see. Spend some time in Kailua-Kona and be sure to stop by a nearby Kona Coffee Farm. Then head to the other side of the island to magnificent views at Waipio Valley or see the stunning Akaka Falls. Finally no visit to this island is complete without exploring Volcanoes National Park.

Photo taken by me while driving along the coast. of the island.

1. Iceland

People probably hate talking to me about travel because I always bring up Iceland somehow. I can’t help myself; it's an obsession. Those of you who have been there can understand how enthralling this place is. It's a place gets into your soul, and makes you long to go back. The otherworldly landscape, the majestic waterfalls, and the people. Everywhere you go there is something incredible to see, explore, and feel. Iceland is a great whirlwind romance that leaves you breathless and longing for more. The land of fire and ice needs to be on everyone’s bucket list.

Stock photo of Seljalandsfoss Waterfall from Pixabay.

There you have it. Not an easy list to compose as the world has some awesome places to visit. I would live to give honorable mentions to Seattle, Washington D.C., San Antonio, and the Cornwall area of England.Those places almost made the list. I would love to hear from you and some of your favorite destinations. Who knows, it may inspire our next vacation!

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