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Musings of a New Blogger

Here it is; my first blog post. It’s out there now for anyone with internet access to see. From months of thinking, editing on to what to say, or how to say it; this is the final product. First if you have taken the time out of your day to read this, I want to thank you. Whether you're a stranger who stumbled across my site as you sit browsing the internet while working (don’t worry I won't tell your boss), someone I know showing your support, or someone who hates me and is looking for a secret way to destroy me; I’m glad you're here!

So what can you expect from this site? The title may give you a hint. Though a full time customer service rep; I also own a wedding planning company and enjoy traveling in my free time. Weddings and traveling are my passion and I want to share my excitement for these items. I hope that if you decided to stop by, that means you will give my blog a chance. Now here are some details on what to expect.

Weddings. A day some consider one of the most important in his or her life. Not only will I share beautiful weddings I have helped execute (or just like), but general advice and tips for those planning their own special day. Some of these suggestions may be in general, and some geared more towards the area I reside: State College, Pennsylvania. You may also see some posts about what is like being an event coordinator. I also know some incredible wedding vendors (or friendors) and hoping I can convince some of them to guest blog sometime (hint hint).

Wanderings. Saint Augustine (and one of my favorite philosophers) said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page".

There are so many places in the world I want to see and feel lucky to be at a point in my life where I can finally start exploring these wondrous destinations. I am so excited to share general traveling tips, and things to experience from destinations such as Las Vegas, Hawaii, United Kingdom, and Iceland.

Central Pennsylvania is pretty awesome area I am blessed to live with lots to offer. For someone with a case of wanderlust, it may be odd to some I have resided in the same area my entire life. To which I say, “Why leave just yet?” We, and I mean those who reside in this area as well, know that this region has a lot to offer. We are only a few hours drive from some of the coolest cities in this country, as well as the beach. Whether you prefer the city, small country towns, or the great outdoors; there is a lot this great state has to offer. We also get to experience the four seasons; and each have their own merritt. If you don’t have a big travel budget no worries; I will share some great things to do without going far or breaking the bank.

There is a random Life category you may notice on this page. That is for those things that maybe are worth saying and documenting, but don’t fit quite fit with the other categories. After all variety is the spice of life and this can’t only be about two things all the time.

That is a little bit about what to expect on this blog. Bear with me as I get started. I am sure I will make rookie blogger mistakes. I will probably publish a post and curse for forgetting something. I will for sure type the wrong word, have typos, and incorrect grammar. I am sure there are other things wrong some troll will point out; but I hope you’ll check in as I document my exploration of life.

Don’t worry! My future posts shouldn’t be such a long ramble (though no promises). I will promise to try and have lots of pretty pictures to distract you among all the text. For now here is a wedding photo from a past wedding as well as a wandering photo from one of our trips.

Photo above by Sparrows and Lace;

Wedding photo by Sparrows and Lace. Photo above we took of Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland.

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