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10 Shows To Checkout for a Smile or Laugh

Published: 2/17/23

In the age of streaming, there are no countless series that you can binge and explore. Though there are always great dramas, I love having something more light hearted to watch. Something that makes me laugh or feel good. A lot of times its a sitcom, but sometimes its not.

For this list I tried to pick shows that not everyone has seen yet in hopes of giving people an idea of something new to watch. That means some of my favorites like The Office, Friends, The Simpsons, Brooklyn 99, Parks & Rec, Modern Family, and Big Bang Theory are not on this list. Only because I feel like most people are familiar with those shows. A few on this list are popular, but I still feel like I know enough people who haven't checked them out yet. I hope this list sways them to give these shows a chance. I did my best to avoid spoilers as well.

For each show, I note where you can find these shows as part of a streaming subscription. However, some of them you can find for purchase through other apps. I recommend doing a search if you are interested.

In no particular order:

Ted Lasso

Where to Find: Apple TV

Starting out with my newest obsession, that I know so many love already. I am still not 100% caught up with this, but totally support the hype. I saw the first couple episodes on a plane and had to get Apple TV to see the rest. Its about an American football coach moves to the UK to coach British Football (soccer). His positive attitude and memorable quotes wins you over quickly. Honestly the world would be a better place if we could all act a little more like Ted Lasso

You can get a week free of Apple TV to binge this show. Shout out to Deanna, who told me about Target Circle Members able to get 3 months of Apple TV for free right now.

Derry Girls

Where to Find: Netflix

Takes place in the 1990's, in Northern Ireland, in the town of Londonderry (Derry); during the The Troubles. The story follows a group of teenagers as they go about their lives in the middle of all the turmoil. First, the show is hilarious. Second the older actors not only look but act like teenagers. I was also a teenager in the 90's so this is a little nostalgic for me; especially with the music. Its also a testament to how people continue to go about their lives; finding joy, even when the world around them isn't easy. The Irish accent can be a little heavy at times, so you may want to watch it with the closed captions on. Just watch the entire first episode and if you don't laugh at least once by the end; then this is not the show for you (and you have zero sense of humor).

Better of Ted

Where to Find: Roku, Hulu, Apple TV

This is an older ABC show that sadly got cancelled after a couple of seasons. I believe the problem was poor advertising as I never heard of the show until years after it was cancelled. Its a shame because I think it would have done well given a chance. Its a workplace comedy, that pokes fun at how ridiculous big corporations can be to their employees; all in the quest to make lots of money. Portia de Rossi's performance as one of the executives trying to keep the employees and the board happy is the biggest highlight.

Schitt's Creek

Where to Watch: Amazon and Hulu

This is another one that has gotten big, I was on the fence about just mentioning it at the beginning. However, I still know enough people who haven't taken the plunge on this one yet A spoiled rich family who looses everything and has to move to the hick town of Schitt's Creek. The characters grow and evolve through the series as they adapt to their new life. The casting was brilliantly done, and all the actors nail their performances. There are so many quotable lines. There are times now where something happens in my life and I respond with a Rose family quote.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Where to Find: Paramount +

I don't consider myself a Trekkie. I have seen The Next Generation, some of Voyager, Picard, Strange New World, and all the movies (from original series to newer ones). However, I don't go nuts for Star Trek and remember all the details; except when it comes to Lower Decks. Its a cartoon series that follows four low ranking ensigns of Star Fleet as they try to work their way up through the ranks. It works well a a cartoon as they poke fun of the ridiculous things that high ranking bridge crews go through. There are guest appearances and references to other Star Trek series; but you don't have to be familiar with them to enjoy this show. I will say the first few episodes aren't bad, but not great. It really picks up a few episodes in.

Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom

Where to Find: Disney +

Thanks to Marvel and Star Wars, most people have a subscription to Disney +. However, there are some other great Disney shows worth checking out, and this is one of them. Its a reality show where each week they focus on some of the animals at Disney properties (usually Animal Kingdom but sometimes elsewhere). Usually the animal needs some sort of care or medical attention. You get a inside look at what all Disney does to help protect and preserve wildlife. Its also evident how much the people who work with these animals care about them. Its an educational and heart warming show; and a must if an animal lover like me!

The Great British Baking Show

Where to Find: Roku Channel and Netflix

Also called The Great British Bakeoff. It's a reality show to find Britain's best at home baker, so no professionals allowed. Each week there is a theme for the baking and three challenges. Then someone goes home at the end of the week. The show is hugely popular in the UK and is gaining lots of steam in America. Its a nice change from American reality where in this show contestants help and support each other; as opposed to tearing each other down. Its been on a while, and through the years, some hosts and judges have changed. Paul Hollywood has been the constant, and he is always on the look out for a soggy bottom or stodgy bread. I recommend going back to the older series and working your way up to evolve with the changes.

However, the very first season was hard to find for the longest time. I did see its on Roku Channel and its a rough season to watch and may discourage you if you start there (I see why it was hard to find for a while). Skip it and start with season 2 or 3 on Roku; or jump into series 5 on Netflix. There are some spin offs, but start with the original. Warning the show will make you want to start making bread and eat lots of baked goods!

Clarkson's Farm

Where to Find: Amazon

Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear owns a rather large farm in the Costwold's. This show is a docuseries where you get follow him as he attempts to learn to run his 1,000 acre piece of land. Jeremy's acts the same way he did in Top Gear and makes you chuckle as he adapts to farm life. Luckily he has farmhand Kaleb or he would be lost. He also brings to light many of the challenges farmers face. I hear season two just dropped and is on my short list to watch. Thank you to our friend Rob for suggesting this show!

Tacoma FD

Where to Find: truTV or HBO Max

Featuring some of the comedy troupe members from Broken Lizard (they brought us Super Troopers and Beerfest), is a comedy sitcom about a group of firefighters. Really isn't much to say other than its a funny and entertaining show about fire fighters. It can be very raunchy and is not one to watch with kids around. Plus even though I enjoy the show Impractical Jokers; its nice to see truTV do something else.

Crossover idea: The police cast from Brooklyn 99 meets the fire crew from Tacoma FD (since in most of these shows the police and fire fighters don't get along).


Where to Find: Peacock

This follows a group of employees who for a chain called Cloud 9, but very much feels like Wal-Mart. While I have never worked in retail; I do work in customer service. Customers do some strange things. This show focus's on the antics of the staff as they deal with their jobs and life. Their responses to everyone around them leads to some memorable and humorous moments.

Honorable Mention: I almost put The Good Place on this list. However, I have only watched it once through and not sure if it will have the same magic the second time. I do recommend checking it out if you haven't and stick with the first season at least. I about gave up on the show but the big plot twist at the end of the first season hooked me for the rest of the series.

What are some other comedy or light hearted shows you think I should check out not mentioned?


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